The stunning Godfrey Walker memorial horse trough, Sandside, South Bay.
Public horse troughs of the late 19th century were expressions of charitable provision at the time. The Metropolitan Drinking Fountain and Cattle Trough Association had been established in London by Samuel Gurney an MP and philanthropist and Edward Thomas Wakefield, a barrister, in 1859 to provide free drinking water. Originally called the Metropolitan Free Drinking Fountain Association it changed its name to include cattle troughs in 1867, to also support animal welfare. In the 19th century ‘cattle’ included horses. The objective of the Association was the provision of clean water for the working classes and for animals. This initiative in London was followed regionally and Scarborough, as a rapidly developing sea-side resort especially frequented by the middle classes and entrepreneurs of industrial West Yorkshire, was no exception in terms of both public drinking fountains and horse troughs.
Business entrepreneur Godfrey Walker and his Wife ran a charitable service that took care of poor children from the slums of Sheffield. This memorial water trough features a trough for horses one side and a fountain for the working classes on the other. It reads “as is good news from a far country, so is water to the thirsty soul” In memory of Godfrey Walker of Conisbrough Yorkshire 1908 ”Drink Thirsty Soul and Thank God.