Dave standing by the fabulous 12 ft-high steel sculpture of a fisherman, titled ' A High Tide in Short Wellies', sculpture by Ray Lonsdale.

The sculpture makes a powerful statement about the decline of the fishing industry which is summarised by a poem at the sculpture's base;

A high tide in short wellies’
That’s it for me, I’ll see you later.
Gonna wrap this catch in protective paper,
Gonna face the sea with a thousand mile stare
And wish that I was floating there
In its summertime.
Down on the pier I saw a man with a board
It read ‘the end is near, accept your lord.
Then underneath this some fisherman wrote.
‘I can see the end from the back of my boat
‘This is wintertime.

Bought for £50,000 by philanthropic pensioner Maureen Robinson it is part of a collection of four sculptures purchased so far by Maureen and exhibited in both Filey and Scarborough. Gifting the artworks by Ray Lonsdale to the towns, Mrs Robinson aims to commission further statues for the area with the intention of producing a heritage trail joining all of these landmarks. The fisherman sculpture also means we are at the end of our four day adventure on the coast of North Yorkshire and I would like to thank Dave Evans for his company. I hope to return to do more legs in Yorkshire before the end of the year. 11.03 miles.